About Me

Short Bio

I am a very busy father of 6 amazing kids and working full-time as the Director of Information Services for a large non-profit organization.


I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to missionary parents and lived there until the age of 17. I have dual citizenship and speak fluent Portuguese. I now live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


I am a driven leader who builds strong teams, invests in individuals, implements bulletproof processes, takes down walls, and enjoys getting things done.

I lead teams of highly skilled professionals who are proficient in multiple information technology systems. I have a solid track record of architecting solutions that facilitate user engagement, communication, collaboration, and productivity.

I have several years of experience in leading teams in the areas of web and mobile application development, internet infrastructure management, APIs and microservices, data and cloud technology operations, project management, agile processes, Internet system’s security and information management, and much more.

In my current role as Director of Information Services, my priorities are team leadership, developing and mentoring employees, establishing processes, implementing systems, and defining strategy.

You can find me on LinkedIn.