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Digital Strategy Brainstorming in Prezi

I have been doing some brainstorming in Prezi on a digital strategy for increasing user engagement on a website that deals with multiple content types and that serves to inform, encourage, and educate its audience.

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Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and The Lean Startup

I am one of those developers who does not want to launch a product until it is just right and all of the bugs are worked out. I have been challenged by a few of the presentations at SXSW 2012 to focus on launching with a Minimal Viable Product and to iterate and improve as feedback comes in from users.…

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Nice Scroll Bars

I have been working on a custom WordPress theme with my brother, @erictufts, that has at its very core the need for iOS styled scroll bars.  We had tried every custom scroll bar out there and just could not seem to find a solution that met all of our design criteria.

Our requirements were:

  • That the scroll bars use jQuery (since…

Web Fonts are NOT the Future of the Web

My apologies in advance to my good friends in web design, but I am going to take off my web designer hat and put on my web developer hat for a minute.  And yes, you heard me right, web fonts are not the future of the web.

Web designers have an amazing impact on the web as they are the ones who make it beautiful.…

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Web Apps for the Masses

I have been interested for a few years now in the concept of making web apps available for smaller companies and organizations. There has been a lot said over the years about the advantages of web apps over web sites and there are some interesting stats showing a recent and rapid increase in web applications emerging on the market. Having worked for companies that specialize in building custom applications that meet specific business needs, I understand how much time and money goes into developing these kinds of niche solutions.


Tchau: An informal portuguese word used in Brazil derived from the Italian word "Ciao", a salute that means either "Hello" or "Goodbye". However, in Brazil it is not used as an initial greeting - instead, it is a common substitute for the word "Adeus" - "Goodbye" in Portuguese.

Common usage:
- Tchau, Diana. Vemo-nos amanhã.
- Tchau, Diana. We'll see each…

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Vote for WordPress Sessions at SXSW

Jane Wells posted this article over at

Each year, members of the web community from around the world submit session proposals to the South by Southwest Interactive conference, an event that played a role in the birth of WordPress. We head to Austin every year, do a BBQ or throw a party, but despite the fact that almost 15% of the…

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WordCamp Chicago 2011

I'll be speaking at the "WordCamp Chicago 2011" conference on July 30th and 31st, really looking forward to this great opportunity, it will be a blast.  Below is the summery of what I will be covering during the session:

“Beyond the Theme” is a talk aimed at professional WordPress theme and plugin developers which reviews different ways to enhance the user’s…