I am a part of a team that is trying to become more lean, here are a list of 10 lessons that we have learned so far:

  1. Learn what it means to RESPECT others, their time, their ideas, and their uniqueness.
  2. COMMUNICATE all thoughts, concerns, ideas, and issues in writing and copy the whole project team before the next update meeting.
  3. Keep update meetings short and to-the-point, this is not a time to get stuck on road blocks, those items should be addressed off-line.
  4. Avoid statements like “Who approved this?” and “You didn’t consider the implications…” and replace them with supportive statements like, “Who else should we involve in this discussion?” and “Here are some additional considerations…”.  We can say them same thing while maintaining a positive forward momentum.
  5. Share ideas freely while holding onto them loosely, remember to not take it personally when someone disagrees with one of your ideas.
  6. Sometimes, allow your ideas to function as a “straw man” in order to get a conversation started.
  7. Use a combination of “Nominal Group Technique (NGT)” and “Multivoting” to generate the list of objectives and priorities for any given project.
  8. Remember to “fail fast, fail forward”, and avoid the blame game when things go wrong.  Instead, give suggestions for how we can improve in the next iteration .
  9. Decide as a team that we will continue to have a “relentless bias towards action” instead of a bias towards consensus.
  10. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have FUN.


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