I have been working on a custom WordPress theme with my brother, @erictufts, that has at its very core the need for iOS styled scroll bars.  We had tried every custom scroll bar out there and just could not seem to find a solution that met all of our design criteria.

Our requirements were:

  • That the scroll bars use jQuery (since I am really not interested in having yet one more JavaScript library downloaded by the user just to replace the browsers default scroll bars)
  • That the scroll bars work consistently across desktop and mobile browsers
  • That the scroll bars would fade out as the scrollable pane lost focus
  • That the implementation would not require that we add a bunch of extra HTML and CSS to the page
  • That the solution be in active development
We finally found Nicescroll last week and have been very pleased with the results so far.
Check out the simple demo.



  1. Peter

    Thanks alot for the info buddy

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